Sprinkle Islands Free Only Today at Amazon

Little by little the app store of Amazon It begins to have an acceptable range of applications, both good and not so notable, but is no doubt much appreciated the effort. Normally of much appreciated a free productivity tool, but games are what give more benefits.

Every day, there is a free application for 24 hours, and occasionally we have a game that can be considered almost mandatory. A few days ago it was the turn of Tiny Thief, a game made in Spain and with a lot of quality, but this time is to Sprinkle Islands.

This second installment mechanics completely identical to the previous version, we have to put all the fires with the minimum amount of water while we are solving numerous puzzles to access all the fires. The novelty in Sprinkle Islands is that the levels are bigger and the fire truck will be moving along them, so we do not see all the fires from the beginning and this makes that we have to be cautious when it comes to spend water.

Normally play you is a €1.49 Google Play, with a trial available for free version. But today with the implementation of Amazon day allows us to get the totally free application. You have until midnight to pick up this application can take from their own store of applications or from the page of the application in Amazon

Sprinkle Islands

  • Version of Android: from Android 2.3
  • Developer: Mediocre
  • Download it in: Amazon
  • Price: Free (only today)
  • Category: Puzzle and mind games