Spritz: Software for Faster and More Efficient Reading

In Germany combines one spritz rather the expression with alcoholic beverages. But soon it could be also a concept in education. Spritz Inc., is start up from Boston, the American wants to have found a new way of reading. Instead of hiking through the eyes of Word to Word, you’re instead staring at a fixed point where the words in high speed through change. Spritzing the developers call this form of reading. Instead of the normal 150 to 200 words per minute, readers into capable should be easily five times faster to read. This saves time.

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The main new equipment

so injection works

Spritz only individual words in a single line displays. The middle of a word appears red to simplify. Maximum 13 characters are Pro display process. On the Web page of the manufacturer, a simulation offers five languages with up to 600 words per minute. Already after a few attempts it is clear: it works. Actually it is possible, the contents displayed so quickly to read.

Samsung aboard

First devices, the spritz support, already have been determined: Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy gear 2. On the Smartphone, lays down the splash window above the open app and goes through the text, Word for Word, for example, the email. It is even more interesting in wearables, like the Galaxy gear 2: would allow hardly the limited display in principle, long sensible to read texts, the splash screen but easily fits on the display the clock.

When it comes?

Pending the release of an app. The manufacturer currently collects offers from interested companies, the love to spritz for the own devices would have. At the beginning want to spritz iOS, Android, JavaScript and Windows support. Whether the function to the market launch of the two Samsung devices is installed, remains to be seen.