The Factory of Nokia in Salo Made His Last Phone on Wednesday

We were waiting for news concerning and yesterday it was confirmed the imminent closure of the last factory of Nokia in Finland, as one of the staggered steps being taken in the restructuring that Stephen Elop devised, with the priority to bring the production to Asian countries.

It has been the Finnish YLE publication which has informed us about the closure of the factory in Salo, informing us that the last phone was manufactured on Wednesday past. The factory will be operational in other occupations until September.

It sounds pretty badly Nokia to close factories in Hungary, Canada, Germany and Mexico, but is definitely worse when he does at home, involving 780 workers from the country, a company that is a standard of the nation. The low reach 10,000 worldwide in 2013, of which 3,700 are Finnish employees.

Financial results do not accompany the new strategy together with Windows Phone, though investors seem to respond positively to the arrival of Windows Phone 8, and the idea of new phones Lumia PureView technology is causing enough interest in the media.