The Gmail Application on Android Will Be Updated with Announcements and Changed Notifications

All take for granted that Google is a private company and that basically need to get benefits to follow existinedo and offer us services, and one of the best ways that is advertising. We have advertising on the own Gmail in the browser’s computer without having it in the application for Android, but it seems that is going to change soon.

According to the new version of the application of Gmail for terminals Android, which corresponds to a numbering 4.6, this version will incorporate sections of advertising. By the time has been specified, but by the time Google has managed to avoid intrusive ads on the desktop and there is no reason to keep this not so in the Smartphone application.

Fortunately it is not the only change that is going to offer, although it is true that they are not as important as in the ads. On the one hand the messages you are sending will not appear in sent section until the mail is finally dispatched, a very subtle change but which in some cases can remove a headache,

They will also change notifications when we receive a message from someone not avatar. If you don’t have it, it will appear with the initial letter in the same way that appears in the email inbox. The other two changes are that eliminates the Cancel button before confirming the sending of a message and now the icons will be slightly darker without reaching a total black. A few subtle changes that will take a little to get in the next updates of the application.