The Humble Bundle with Android Incorporates Three New Games and a DLC

Very surely many already have in your possession the seventh edition of the Humble Bundle with Android, a pack of games for Windows, Mac, GNU/Linux and Android at the price you want. However, regulars know that if we pay more than the average we will obtain advantages in the form of more games.

Initially, a pack where we were with the Games Ticket to Ride, Anodyne, Incredipede and Greed Corp you could add the Worms Reloaded and The Bards Tale games if we superábamos the average of the contributions. Now those two added games you must add them three more games.

These games are included for all those who had paid more than the average, which at the time of writing these lines is located at 6.17 dollars, a very low amount for so many games. If you have already bought our pack without exceeding the figure always we will increase our contribution. The games are as follows.

Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars – Director’s Cut

This graphic adventure, which came out some time ago in Android will put you in the role of the so-called American lawyer George Stobbart and the French reporter Nicole Collard to resolve all the mysterious murders related to the Knights Templar.

Organ Trail

This game already takes a while on Android, even as came out in the Humble Bundle paa previous Android. This game retro-tinged gathers the essence of Oregon completo Trail, one of the first games of the history. This time, rather than organizing a caravan of colons have to reach the city of Oregon managing resources for survive a zombie apocalypse.

Anomaly Korea

This game is a good example of how the Tower Defense genre does not die so easily. In this game we will have to plan attacks with our units, towers and various player powers to overcome the waves of aliens on the battlefield throughout the 12 levels containing.

In addition to these three games will also have a DLC for Ticket to Ride, that he will propose be a magnate of the railway, but this time in Europe. The bundle will be available for one week more, so if you want it is better that you do with it as soon as possible .