The Icon Permanent of BlackBerry Messenger Has a Raison D ‘ êTre

If you have been one of many who have tried the version for Android from BlackBerry Messenger, very likely you may have noticed that there is an icon of the application that does not go away in the notification bar. This icon can be quite annoying for many and very likely you want to remove it, rightly.

However, you always have a permanent icon has a reason to be perfectly logical and is justified, especially if your terminal does not have a lot of RAM. And it is this icon that allows that the application does not close completely when there are many processes.

Android has a very particular system to handle many processes, and it is that when you see that an application is not used, just closing the process. This closing process again happen in the event that There is enough RAM to continue to operate, that is when it comes to stop the applications that are not used but which are running in the background.

That’s when the icon comes to operate, and is that there is a pending notification system It will take it as the application is active and before you close other applications. However, many messaging applications do not use this icon and they still work, and that’s because BlackBerry does it all on your own.

Many of these applications use one of Google’s services, the service of Google Cloud Messanging, precisely allowing applications to continue to function if this type of permanent icons. If BlackBerry will use Google’s system, it would lose much of its reputation for safety you are both interested to keep.

The company always has defended the safety of its protocols and therefore has not decided to use this service from Google and has opted for its own system of notifications. However, as a result it has been forced to use the permanent icon. It can be disabled from the settings, although they warn that this may cause application to stop working, but only confirmed that it closes at terminals with little RAM, so if your terminal is fairly pointer should not give many problems.