The Second Type of Terminal Windows Phone 7 Cast Eye to BlackBerry

When we speak of Windows Phone 7 is come to mind the multitude of touch phones that have been flourishing these weeks in Internet, not missed on seepage models of Samsung, LG, Asus, or HTC.

But at the time when the system was presented, requirements specifications were made public to comply by manufacturers, but also a few different phone formats. The completely tactile it is clear that they were going to be the most widespread, but they will soon get type BlackBerry phones.

It will not be a novelty in the Microsoft world, multitude of Windows Mobile phones have QWERTY keyboard below the display, but it makes us a little weird to combine it with a system so oriented to the touch use as Windows Phone7. It is clear that the terminals will be hybrid and continue counting with touch screen.

Keep a WVGA screen can be tricky in the new form factor, so some developers like Paul Foster, are already talking of a resolution of 480 × 320 pixels and a smaller screen size.

This type of phones is very demanded in the professional market, and Microsoft does not escape you that your new system will also have things to say on the matter. The third type of terminals, WVGA touchscreen and QWERTY sliding keyboard will also have their representatives in the future, time to time.