Uhrentrend 2016:Fancy Clocks

The last two years were mostly watches in rose gold of well-known brands we Michael Kors or Fossil very much in the trend – for 2016 it is now however:To the future!In the new year, it will be totally off the clock.

Futuristic & unusual watches as accessories for 2016

In addition to classic watch models in rose gold or silver, our jewelry box can look great in color.Unusual watches are in the trend – especially extraordinary time displays enchants us.The simple question of the time is given a completely different meaning.

The trend mark Ziiiro makes it: We do not have a simple dial to read the time, but a fancy presentation.Depending on the model of the watchdog, there are different versions to present the time.

Fancy watches of the trend brand Ziiiro

The young and innovative watch label Ziiiro enchants us with particularly great models.In addition to brightly colored watches in a worn “vortex-time display”, there are also classic models in rose gold or silver.I particularly like the collection “Eclipse”, because their time display is inspired by a solar eclipse.Really failed!The reading of the time must be practiced at the beginning, but these watches are a real eye-catcher.

Classic watches in rose gold with unusual time indication

I especially like the models in metallic tones like rose gold or silver.In combination with the colorful or extravagant dials, the watches are given an unmistakable design.Thanks to the combination with the metallic bracelet, these watches can also be worn well in the office.

Colorful watches with futuristic dial

Of course, you can also reach deep into the color pot.You’ll be striking with such a watch anyway!Whether in pink or bang yellow – your wishes are endless.Here, however, you should be aware that a colorful watch is an eye-catcher and your gaderobe vote on it.

Fancy watches are the new trend and fit every wrist – How do you find the new trend?