Update: Samsung Galaxy Nexus-New Facts About The Google Smartphone

(24.11.2011) update: Google now the volume bug officially confirmed, it should be a software bug, but soon to be fixed a bug fix update. Who wants as a USB mass storage device using the nexus or connect a mouse or keyboard to the Smartphone, the mod by Paul O’Brien is for interesting maybe. For a previous rooting of the device is necessary, but which entail a loss of warranty.

In the UK the first Smartphone running Google Android, cream sandwich is already published ice.The Galaxy is the nexus for the time being no Flash support, but shows good benchmark results.Also, a first bug is known.

The successor of the nexus S was anticipated with great excitement and the rumor mill bubbling, until Google then mid-October that Samsung Galaxy nexus officially presented – and also introduced the latest version of the operating system Android, ice cream sandwich 4.0. After the Smartphone is available now since last Thursday in the UK, users have published first benchmarks and also reported problems.

Nexus which has loud Our site the bug so that it missed incoming calls by alone in the silent mode. Then, also the volume control should not more reasonable work. The bug shows up only in GSM mode. In addition the Adobe the Smartphone plays no Flash videos, Flash Player is not installed or available for download from the Android market. Slashgear.com writes that Google has confirmed that this will be possible only if Adobe the player for ice cream sandwich gets updated. Also when will Adobe soon adopt Flash for mobile devices and rely only on HTML 5, Google further said that ICS see Flash definitely Adobe. Finally you can use the device as a USB mass storage device. While the data transfer via Media Transfer Protocol is possible with Windows, Mac and Linux is probably more difficult, here too, a solution should be found. This writes Android Developer Dan Morrill in the relevant Our site Forum.

Benchmarks: Speed top, graphics fast enough

First benchmark results on Our site show that the cortex-A9 processor of the nexus is perfectly matched to the software: the Smartphone’s browser performs far better than the competition in the tests by Rightware Browsermark and SunSpider and points iPhone 4S and Motorola RAZR to the courts. You can assume that the latter Smartphone cream sandwich also comes after an update on ice to such good results.

There is a different picture in graphics performance, here has the iPhone 4S with its SGX 543MP2-GPU clearly the nose forward, and creates in the GLBenchmarks Egypt and Pro more than twice as many frames per second (fps) as the nexus (GPU: SGX 540). Also the Mali-400-GPU of the Galaxy S2 brings better results. Yet, these figures should not worry, because 29.3 or 45.2 frames per second at 720 p mean a liquid presentation, films are 24 fps turned example.

In this video by YouTube user “hackstorm” with the third person shooter “Shadow Gun” can you you the graphics performance of the nexus itself convinced of (properly go after 46 seconds):