Westwing Guide Totortoise Luminaire

As well as a decorative piece or design element, the lighting of a house must be carefully considered, a step that involves the definition of the activities that will be carried out in the environment and the model of luminaire that best matches the style of the place, including areas outside. And combining beauty with a quality luminosity is possible with some luminaire models, such as the tortoise luminaire.

The curious name comes precisely from its generally oval shape, which resembles the hull of a tortoise. Decorative, the tortoise luminaire is mainly used to ensure outdoor lighting. Its appearance, function and location on the ceiling or wall compares to those of a washer. Its advantage is reduced size, suitable for any environment, and suitable for any type of lamp. Interested in learning more about the curiosities and applications of a tortoise lamp? So meet them with Westwing!

Types And Particularities Of Tortoise Luminaire

According to incredibleflashlight.com, ideal for garden, garage, porch, pool area and barbecue the turtle lamp decorates and gently illuminates an external environment. In addition to the color black or white, both more discreet and cleans, its formats and sizes make it possible to navigate more modern or traditional pieces and choose the turtle lamp that best fits the space, be it oval, square, round or cylindrical. Polycarbonate, transparent glass or plastic are usually the materials that enclose the lamp of a tortoise luminaire. Already its base is made of aluminum, steel or iron, all with paint and techniques that allow the piece greater durability to the outside of the house, which suffers with rain, wind and dust. The aluminum framed high pressure, for example, is a type of product finishing and ensures better protection turtle lamp. The aluminumin jected with polyester paint and rubber-sealed is the perfect material for the outdoor area of ​​beach houses: resistant to the sea by its stainless power.Among the lamps that a tortoise luminaire accepts are electronics, such as compact fluorescent and LED (Light-Emitting Diode)-the latter, more clear, durable and with less power consumption.

Turtle Torch For Internal Area

Interior spaces look stylish and bright when decorated with these pieces, of course, provided you’ve set the right solution for your project’s lighting needs. Stairs, corridors and service areas, for example, can be lightened with LED tortoises fixed on both the wall and the ceiling.