What Type of Fishing Rod More Indicated for Your Destination

When you decide to go out for a fishing, what is the main item that you should put in your bag? The fishing rod, isn’t it? A good fisherman should know exactly what is the type of fishing rod that he should count for each location where it will be practiced the fishing.

If you were interested in knowing what is the type of fishing rod more indicated for your destination we prepare this article for you! Here are collected all the information for you from wacostylish.com to choose the type of fishing rod ideal for your next fishing trip. Check out below!

Types of fishing rod

There are very types of fishing rod on the market and, for each fishing location, there is a specific rod you should use. As you should not miss in time to make that choice, you need to know several types of fishing poles and their intended use.

For deep sea fishing

For fishing on the high seas, the fishing poles chosen must have medium size and the tip of them need to be thick . The thickness of the end of the fishing rod doesn’t let the material bend and not break if the fish caught is too heavy. The thicker the tip the fishing pole is, the more weight it supports.

In addition to the fishing rod , an item that must always be associated with this material is reel . She has the function of giving more to line fishing rod and is ideal for use on the open sea. With the reel the fishing line can achieve a much greater depth and it makes it much easier to reach the fish.

A tip to get the type of line for deep sea fishing is always opt for thicker lines, which make it easier to catch large fish.

For fishing on the beach

The fishing rods , in fisheries carried out on the beach, must have more than four meters in length and your tip needs to be thin , to give flexibility to the pitch. The greater the fishing pole is, the greater the possibility of the hook to exceed the breakers of the waves.

The thickness of the fishing line is another important aspect to be considered during the fishing on the beach. In this case the line needs to be thin, with about of 0.25 mm, to catch fish such as the species, Pompano, fish land Pope galhud or sea bass.

Fishing in the river

In fisheries carried out in rivers type of fishing rod used varies greatly. You can choose to use the stick of caniço (bamboo) or fiber -which is also used on the beach and in the sea.

The size of this type of fishing rod you need to be, on average, three meters . A good option to make your fishing easier and more enjoyable is to use the reel or spool, which serve for the fishery to resume (you need), and still makes shots at close range. Some specific species are captured in this fishery, as, for example, pirapitanga, gold, Peacock bass or piau.

Don’t forget that in addition to choosing the type of fishing rod ideal for your destination, you must always keep an eye on the weather, in water temperature and wind conditions in order to ensure a good day fishing.