Where to Buy Military Flashlight Shadowhawk X 900 – Consumer Alert

Hello, welcome to another Balisun article.

Recently (by chance) we found an article on the website Globo G1 talking about the flashlight Shadowhawk x 900.

Because of this we decided to buy this flashlight.

Due to disappointment after purchase we decided to post this article. After the purchase in a very well-known site received a flashlight that has nothing to do with the item advertised.

The torch came to us without charger without batteries and without case.

We decided to buy the battery to test the flashlight and unfortunately she was very weak, not emitted not 200 lumens substation with 800 lumens is announced.
The receipt had no relationship with the product. The note was a mobile application.

So we ended up buying another Flashlight Shadowhawk x 900 from a local store that works with imported products.
That was the real x 900. A lantern excellent.

In other words. The problem is not the lantern and a seller pick we found on the internet.

For this reason does not currently recommend buying x 900 on the internet.
As soon as we find a trusted site selling the real x 900 we will post here.

For now we recommend purchasing the Master Lantern Light. An excellent led flashlights T6, the most powerful on the market.

See our article on the Master Light Lantern.